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 Alice's Wonderland is a business that makes cakes, cupcakes, desserts, and custom cakes. When Alice was little she always had a passion for baking and creating sweets. Her dream of becoming a dessert chef was surpassing everyone's expectations, as she would come up with an idea and make it happen - day by day, better and better every time! It was only natural that one day Alice decided that she would create a business. Now her dream of becoming a dessert chef would come true! She dreamed that people from all over the world would come to try her creations as she would create dessert that would be unique, tasty and unforgettable - pure dessert art! She aspired to create wonders with desserts and her café would be a fairy tale! And this is how "Alice's Wonderland" was born! 

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Alice's Wonderland

30 Beverly Glen Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M1W 1W1, Canada

416 906 7728